PaPatto, a free app that allows you to quickly set ringtones for Chaku-Uta (R) and Chaku-Mero

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Feb 17, 2024
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着信音設定アプリ/PaPatto APP

A million downloads thanks to everyone!

"Ringtone setting app / PaPatto ♪♪" is a free app that allows you to easily set ringtones, notification sounds, app ringtones, app notification sounds, and alarms. Renewal of alarm function! We have improved the conventional alarm function. Detailed alarm settings such as day of the week setting, snooze setting and volume adjustment are possible ♪ 10 original alarm songs are added as a renewal commemoration, and 30 popular sound effects are presented for free! Download “ringtone setting app / PaPatto ♪♪” right now and set your favorite ringtones (R) and ringtones!

[Function of ringtone setting app / PaPatto ♪♪ (Papatto)]

Ringtones (R) and ringtones
・ Play and stop
・ Ringtone setting
・ Notification sound setting
・ App notification sound setting
・ App ringtone setting
・ Alarm setting (alarm sound)

* You can also use songs downloaded from various ringtone (R) and ringtone providers, and songs imported from PCs to SD cards. (Please note that some songs cannot be used with music content protected on the site.)
* If you are using app version 2.1.12 or earlier on an Android 10 device, please update to 2.1.13 or later.

~ About alarm of Android10 device ~
If an alarm sounds when the screen is not locked, a notification will appear.
The alarm screen can be displayed by pressing the notification that comes out.
If the music or vibration does not stop without notification, please check the Notification Center.

[Corresponding model of ringtone setting app / PaPatto ♪♪ (Papatto)]
Android 4.4 or higher

[Ringtone setting app / PaPatto ♪♪ (Papat) usage fee]

I'm sorry to report any bugs or requests in the app, not in the review section.
Please include the name of the app you are using and feel free to contact us by email.
Details in the review section cannot be confirmed, and valuable opinions may not be used, and support work may become very difficult.
Please contact us from the email address in the GooglePlay developer column or from the bug report in the app.

* Rankings are popular new (free) in the Music & Audio category.
* "Chaku-Uta (R)" is a registered trademark of Sony Music Entertainment Inc.
* Other company names and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of each company. Note that the “TM” and “(R)” marks are not specified in the text.

[Privacy Policy]
Please confirm the privacy policy before installation and use it after agreeing.
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