Raise cute & cool fantasy beasts and challenge them to beat all! There are endless ways to play! Frequent events are waiting for you!

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Mar 30, 2023
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幻獣物語2 GAME

○ The popular app "Golden Beast Story" that achieved 300,000 users in the first part!
○ The sequel to take over the world of the world is gradually released, so release more!

▼ "Train"
Keep the level up, equipment and popular change system of your magical beasts, but take advantage of even more "Abilities" to raise your very own beasts!

▼ "Change"
Level up and transform into a higher phantom beast!
Changing changes your abilities and makes you stronger!

▼ Kill the Beast
Defeat a phantom beast that can challenge up to 4 players!
Experience, money, rare items that can only be obtained through killing...
Even more powerful defeated beasts and passionate battles in events!

▼ Challenge the Dungeons
Let's pick up equipment and trade materials from the Dungeon Exploration!
There's absolutely no item to waste... it's just a stone… that’s what makes “The Story of Beasts” so amazing!

▼ Market
The "market" is as free as endless!
Sell all your collected items and used equipment on the market!
You will find what you want!

Before you play the app, please read the terms and conditions. If you play the app, you agree to the terms and conditions.
Official Blog: http://genmono2.jp
-Updates and event information are included!

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"Haunted Cat Can Cat Shop"
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