A new-feel MMORPG created by 6 major races in a beautiful and vast world! Become a partner with characters of various races with rich personalities and fantasy beasts in the scene and go on adventures together!

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Feb 20, 2024
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◆Fantasy RPG depicted with ultra-beautiful graphics
◆More than 200 characters you can meet during the journey
◆More than 200 kinds of fantasy beasts appear, including real animals!
◆Enjoy a happy adventure with characters from six major races and fantasy beasts with rich personalities!
◆6 stories that change with different starting races!
◆~From appearance to battle~Very powerful battle against monsters!
◆Create your own Karabang!
◆Challenge other players with the strongest team!

In the fantasy world of Eyal, there are many lives,
Those who fly in the sky, those who walk on the ground, those who jump like the wind, those who wander around.
With the magical fortress Karabang as its base,
Forged bonds with the many lives living in Eyal,
Challenge the puzzles of the world's greatest enemy, the "other world".

【CARAVAN STORIES game summary】
Let's adventure with Karabang in the world of Eyal!
Contact the phantom beasts that live in various places and start an automatic battle immediately!
Players who want to enjoy the battle more can choose the attack target and the timing of skill activation.
Use strategy to fight!
Phantom beasts that have fought before will have the opportunity to become partners!
If you cultivate a fantasy beast companion, you may even evolve!
Listen carefully to the stories of the unique characters you meet along the way
Solve your worries and requests and make them your partners!

【Recommended device】
Android version: 6.0 or above
When running a device other than the recommended device,
Unexpected situations such as forced termination due to insufficient memory may occur.
In addition, the company is unable to provide customer service services, compensation and other measures for devices other than recommended devices.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

[For customers who cannot play normally]
In order to provide everyone with better game quality, if you have any questions or suggestions in the game,
Please report via customer service mailbox.

[Customer Service Report Area]
The company will not respond to questions in the comment area individually.
If you have any questions, you can report them through the online "Problem Report" link below:
Please confirm the following when reporting:
1. Please fill in all fields with correct information.
2. Please describe the problem as clearly and completely as possible.
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