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Mar 15, 2023
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ミラクルニキ-着せ替えコーデRPG GAME

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・Like dress up games!
・Like role playing games!
・Like coordination!
・Like fashion!
・Like beautiful graphics!
・Like to collect clothes!
・Like games with voices by gorgeous voice actors!
・Want to go on a battle with you!
・Want to enjoy the game casually!
・Want to enjoy a rich story!

√ Over 10000 items, cute and dashing at your disposal!
Collect seven countryes, seven fashion styles and tons of set decorations!
All the costumes are drawn with high precision and you can choose from loads of outfits to choose from!
Casual, Japanese, Elegant, Girly, Boyish, Cyberpunk and many more visual experiences, coming from years of the Niki series!

√ A new play mode!
Engage in a battle with the coordinator!
Fresh gameplay style. Introducing style scoring standards such as "Elegant", "Beautiful", "sexy" and "cute" will give you a detailed evaluation of your coordination! Sharpen your fashion taste!
You can also enjoy coordinating with other coordinators! Battle is more fun with various "skills"!

√ Collect colors, patterns, combinations and ingredients to create your own unique clothes!! Mix and match different types of outfits to remake! Custom-made fun is upgraded!
Customize the color and patterns of some outfits and evolve your outfits into beautiful outfits!
Meet designers and stylists, enjoy stories and win designer soul design items!
Enjoy the best of training, crafting, and collecting!

√ Record your favorite moments with snapshots
Feel free to dress up and record your favorite moments in the Light Gallery to post your snapshots! You can share it with your friends, too, so let everyone know what you can brag about!

√ Travel through seven different countries with different fashions――.
The story of the grand world is like a novel!
Immerse yourself in the world of Niki with beautiful illustrations!

From the tailored smart and celebrity Patel, to the king of Liris with cute and fairytale fashions, and the cloud empire based on traditional oriental style but always new.
Join dozens of unique mobs and experience a novel-like fantasy story!
√ Awesome voice actors are waiting for you! Nice Full Voice!
The voices of various unique friends you will meet on a mysterious journey are in charge of gorgeous voice actors!
Voice actor Kath: Kana Hanaawa, Yukiko Otaya, Daioke Ono, Yuichi Urohara, Ayane Sakurahara, Yukari Homura, Yui Horie, Chikazu Saito, Masashi Noto, Hiroshi Naka wouldbe, Hiroshi Takemoto, Sarah Takano, Ayasu village Nose, Michika Yasushi.

1.Launch APP and start the game.
2.Follow the tutorial and match the theme.
3.Choose and match the item styles (eg. elegant, gorgeous, sexy, cute).
4.If the scoring is higher than the match coordinator, the mission is completed.
Contact Us:
1. Twitter (packed with the latest game news and rewards information): https://twitter.com/mirclenikkijp
2.Email: support@mirclenikki.jp
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