Cute from any angle! Dress up in 3D fashion!

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Sep 11, 2023
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ポケピア - ポケコロユートピア APP

Welcome to the world of Pokepia!
This is our utopia, where you can wear the clothes you like, talk to the people you like, and talk about what you like.
Change into 3D clothes that can be enjoyed from any angle, and go out to your friend's star!

■ Change into your favorite clothes! ■
Let's dress up another self freely!
A skirt that sways softly every time you move,
Sheer material tops with a sense of sheerness
Let's create your favorite coordination by combining items that are packed with attention!
Of course, you can also coordinate girls and boys.

■Let's explore the world! ■
Explore different themed worlds
If you find a treasure chest, you can get an item for free.
Take the items you get back to your planet
You can use it to redesign and customize stars!

You can also take pictures filled with the world view that can only be taken here,
How to enjoy the world is up to you!

[Pokepia is waiting for you]
・I love cute things!
・I want a lot of cute items
・ I want to try various coordination
・I like fashion and avatars
・I like to think about the interior of the room
・I like to collect
・ I like location shooting
・I like to work hard / I like hard work
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