The most popular talk community for students! Connect with audio live streaming! Let's make a lot of friends of the same generation by calling and chatting! Hot topic with the new function "AI chat"!

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Aug 11, 2023
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サークリー - 学生限定ひまトーク&音声チャットSNS APP

No.1 student community app! "Circley"
Thanks to you, the cumulative total of 300,000 downloads has been achieved 🔥🔥
Anonymous talk community limited to students, connected by live audio distribution!
Equipped with the much-talked-about "AI chat" function, it is fully functional! !
Let's talk and chat about student life and common hobbies on the bulletin board! ! You might make new friends 🎉

★ Live audio distribution for an exciting and exciting experience! ! ★
"Circly Live" is a live audio distribution where up to 50 people can participate! ! 🎧
During the live, you can exchange messages with the broadcasters and listeners, and you can also listen to it like a radio! !
"Collaboration delivery" that allows up to 10 people to deliver and talk at the same time is also very popular 🔥🔥

★NEW!! The "AI chat" function is a hot topic! ! ★
Your own AI assistant that can answer anything is finally installed! As your personal teacher, artificial intelligence will answer any question.
Let's talk about anything from studying to troubles in daily life! You can also use it as a friend when you are lonely!
*This is not Chat GPT, it is just a program (chatbot) built using the GPT model based on open-source OpenAI.

★ Find hobby friends in the student-only talk community! ! ★
In "Circley", you can create many squares together!
At the plaza, you can meet friends with common hobbies and interests and talk to your heart's content! Let's find new friends of the same generation 🔥🔥

★Completely Free★
Completely free, no charges! Unlimited chat and talk! !
Let's liven up "Circley" together again this year! !

・"Timeline & Post" function
You can feel free to tweet about your feelings and what you are doing now. You will be notified of any likes or replies. You can also post images 📷
・"Personal chat" function
You can enjoy chatting with any user on the app. It is a completely free Hima Talk function that allows you to send messages anonymously. You can also send images🌈
・"Everyone's Square" function
In the plaza, you can talk to your heart's content with friends who have common hobbies and interests. Users can freely create plazas, and the number will continue to increase in the future. You can find new friends of the same generation 🔥
・"Report/Block" function
Malicious users and posts can be reported to the secretariat.

❌It is prohibited to exchange SNS IDs such as LINE and twitter on bulletin boards for the purpose of meeting.
❌ We will strictly deal with posting obscene expressions, slanderous slander, and other inappropriate texts and images. Your account may be suspended immediately.
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