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May 16, 2023
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たんクラ-単語クラッシュ:言葉消し単語パズルゲーム GAME

Tanka-Word Crush is a fun way to find letters, connect words, solve word puzzles, train your brain, and improve your vocabulary!
Tanka-Word Crush is a popular free word puzzle game where you need to find a word by connecting stacks of letter blocks under thousands of unique topics. This game is a brand new word puzzle game that includes all kinds of topics from everyday words to abundant four-letter words. This is also a so-called brain training word puzzle game, in this category a lot of free and engaging themes, funny jokes, riddles and brain teasers. New letter puzzles will be updated every day! Search the words and connect the blocks to bring fun like a crossword, word games, word connect puzzle game, trivia quiz, klondike learning, erase puzzles or time killer with funny jokes and pun intended. Tanka (word crush) is a good brain trainer. Use your daily free time to erase words in different funny themes. Tanka (word crush) is definitely a useful and easy way to train your brain. Beautiful landscapes with beautiful backgrounds create a relaxing atmosphere and will bring your peace along the way.
Every level has a unique theme and stacked letters and words, you have to find themed words and connect them by connecting and removing letter blocks to complete the level. Any theme can be easily picked up by anyone, anytime and anywhere. Play Tanka (Word Crush) alone or with friends to enjoy your life, exercise your brain, build knowledge and improve your language skills!


-Easy anyway. Just erase and connect letters to find a word!
-Enjoy a classic word puzzle! Letter blocks fall down every time you pick the correct word!
-Challenge yourself! You can compete with others! Clear the stack of letters and become the best Word Master!
-The beautiful backgrounds of each level will gently connect you to another world.
Play offline, anywhere, anytime without wifi!
-Have fun with your best friends or family! It's really fun to think words with someone!
-Challenge your brain and vocabulary! This word puzzle game starts easy and becomes challenging fast!
-New puzzles added every week. The ultimate brain teaser that gives you endless joy!

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