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Dec 03, 2023
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МТС Музыка: песни, подкасты APP

"MTS Music" is a convenient application for all music lovers. In the application you can both listen to music online and listen to music without the Internet.

Find out interesting information from podcasts in Russian, listen to your favorite songs for free or with an unlimited subscription, and you will also have access to sleep music, meditation music and other relaxation music. Your personal player from MTS can do all this.

Main advantages:

In our application you will find a huge number of top tracks of various genres and styles. There is music for every taste, from popular hits to classical compositions. MTS Music - free music to listen to or with an unlimited subscription.

Our artificial intelligence analyzes your preferences and offers you songs that will exactly suit your taste! Thanks to this, you will always be aware of new tracks and artists that you will definitely like. With music from MTS it is easy to listen to your favorite artists both online and offline. For each user, the music that he likes is selected. We try to make listening to music easy and convenient. With MTS Music you will never listen to the same thing, because our recommendations work at the highest level..

MTS Music allows you to create your own playlists to group tracks by mood, genre or any other criterion. Create your own playlist and start listening to any music online or offline. Make yourself a mood for every day. Rap, hip-hop, house, electronic music and much more awaits you in the Music section. Enjoy and choose your own playlist that will lift your mood. Your music player is always with you!

What is offline music? This is an opportunity to download your favorite tracks to your phone and listen to them anywhere and anytime. Your music is now on your phone without access to the Internet. Offline mode allows you to listen to music anytime, anywhere! You can download music to your smartphone and listen without the Internet. Downloading music to your phone is available to users with a subscription to the application. Listen to music for free or with an unlimited subscription. Offline music is available for free or with an unlimited subscription in the MTS application. Offline music is an advantage that is definitely worth taking advantage of.

Choose your favorite radio station and enjoy music that will lift your mood at any time. Favorite radio stations on your phone: our radio, Europe Plus, radio dacha, Russian radio and other radio waves. Online radio is available to all users. Listen to your favorite radio hosts and tune in to your favorite radio waves:
- Autoradio for car owners and long trips.
- Europe plus for those who love world hits.
- Radio Dacha will give emotions to people of any age.
- Comedy radio for those who like to laugh.
Tune in to your favorite wave with music from MTS.

In our application you can choose between a paid and free version. The free access allows you to enjoy the core features of the app, while the paid version unlocks additional benefits such as an expanded music library and offline access to music. You can listen to free music and enjoy your favorite artists every day in our application without purchasing a Premium subscription. Free music available without subscription, but in limited mode

MTS Music is a convenient service for users, a pleasant interface, and constant contact with the user. We try to make listening to music as enjoyable as possible for you. Share your emotions about our application.
With us it’s easy to find and add songs to a playlist, listen to music without the Internet or online. Discover new melodies and genres. Podcasts, sounds, songs, my music are unlimitedly available to you with music from MTS!
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