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Mar 15, 2023
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ГДЗ ReshakRu APP

GDZ Reshebniki is now in your phone!
- author's solutions from more than 200 school textbooks and workbooks grades 5-11;
- detailed explanations for the implementation of complex tasks;
- user-friendly interface to check yourself during the lesson;
- the ability to download solutions to use them offline.

The application contains answers and explanations for the following school subjects:
- algebra (Mordkovich, Makarychev, Alimov, Merzlyak, Nikolsky, etc.);
- mathematics (Merzlyak, Vilenkin, Nikolsky, Bunimovich, etc.);
- geometry (Atanasyan, Pogorelov, etc.);
- Russian language (Ladyzhenskaya, Baranova, Goltsova, Grekov, Razumovskaya, etc.);
- English (Spotlight, Enjoy, Biboletova, Rainbow, Kaufman, Millennium, etc.);
- physics (Rymkevich, Lukashik, Myakishev, etc.);
- chemistry (Gabrielyan, Rudzitis, Kuznetsova, etc.);
- biology (Pasechnik, Dragomilov, Kolesov, Ponomareva, etc.);
- Informatics (Bosova, Semakin, etc.);
- history (Arsentiev, Agibalova, Yudovskaya, Sakharov, Gorinov, etc.);
- geography (Maksakovsky and others);
- social science (Kotova and others).

The application interface is thought out to the maximum for a quick and easy search for the required solution:
- an intelligent recommendation system will select a list of solvers for you based on your preferences;
- the necessary solutions can be added to the Favorites block so that they are always at hand;
- photographic answers can be zoomed as much as possible so as not to miss the necessary information;
- answers in English contain the most accurate translations of textbooks and additional comments for a better understanding of the answer.

Premium access allows you to:
- download the solution to use it offline;
- disable the display of advertising;
- Get updates as soon as possible.
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